In this episode, we’re talking with Ghost founder John O’Nolan about his upcoming blog platform. We’ve gotten tons of great questions from our audience and we’ll be chatting with John about how he thinks Ghost will shape the blogging landscape as well as what it means for WordPress.

Show Notes

Written by Bobby Brooks

We had an amazing time speaking with John O’Nolan discussing whether he hates WordPress or secretly has his eye on world domination. Here are some of the highlights about our discussion with John regarding the super cool new project Ghost, which Rob modestly begged for access to after the call. Try Ghost a Blogging Platform John’s vision for Ghost is born out of a love for WordPress, a fact that he couldn’t stress enough. However, the future of WordPress is kind of determined by a wider range of factors, including stakeholder influence and market forces. John wanted to build something that focused on true content generation and left out all of the typical CMS-related complications. However, forking WordPress carries with it extra complications and John was looking for something, a bit better than putting lipstick on a pig so Ghost is going to be 100% JavaScript and built on Node.js with a little BackBone.js mixed in as well. They are stretching Node.js to its limits which John shared with us is scary and exciting at the same time. Development on Ghost is led by Hannah Wolfe. We took a moment to reflect on the fact that this project is being led by a female developer and that’s pretty awesome on many different levels. We hope you enjoyed the show, this was the first of a bright future in WordPress related topics Robert and I have planned for you in the future, let us know in the comments if you loved, hated, or watched the show 15 times and I promise to be a bigger name dropper next time. As always hit us up with questions, comments and/or hate mail.